Michel Jordi is the creator of LE CLIP and the legendary “Swiss Ethno Watch” which he introduced on the occasion of the 700-year anniversary of Switzerland in 1991 and which brought him international fame and recognition.
My first book, “Der Uhrschweizer”
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“Ignite That Spark – 10 Commandments of entrepreneurship” on ITS website

Michel’s Newest Song
«Ignite That Spark»

«IGNITE THAT SPARK» SONG LAUNCH – Press Release October 25th 2018 (click for more details)

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«Der Uhrschweizer – Giving Up is No Option!»

In November 2017 Michel Jordi published his autobiography «Der Uhrschweizer – Giving up is No Option». The book is available online from Werd-Verlag.

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The ultimate Freedom!
To be an entrepreneur is
to break free,

to live your passion,
to be your own boss.


(Michel Jordi)

New: «Ignite That Spark»

Michel’s latest book «Ignite That Spark» will be published at the end of November 2018. It is the “10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship”. A very inspiring must have book for every growing entrepreneur who wants to take the leap into freedom and turn his passion into his profession.

A new Vision on the Business Plan by Picture and Music

Michel Jordi is a very visual person and several studies show that we think figuratively. That was his inspiration to create this exciting new textbook to provide a fresh look at the world of entrepreneurship and to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap into freedom. Living his passion and doing what we feel is right by making our own contribution to protecting the threatened world is the guiding principle. «Ignite That Spark» will be published at the end of 2018 in printed form in English and as an e-book.

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The German and French editions will be published in spring 2019.


A true innovator of the Swiss watch industry. Michel Jordi is the creator of LE CLIP and the legendary Swiss Ethno Watch, which he launched on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. Under the «Spirit of Switzerland», he created a whole range of products that have become famous throughout the world. In his entrepreneurial career, he has built up five companies and created more than a thousand jobs. In November 2017, he published his autobiography «GUTS – Giving up is No Option!». Today he accompanies aspiring entrepreneurs who he inspires and advises to realize their own dreams.

Michel Jordi (1948) grew up in Grenchen as the son of a watchmaker. His father entrusted him with discipline, precision and attention to detail. After a commercial apprenticeship in a watch manufactory, he studied in England, IMD Lausanne and Harvard Business School in Boston. In 1971, he travelled to Japan, where he founded his first start-up. He has been married to Ki-Young from South Korea for 40 years and is the father of daughter Kim and son Raphaël. Michel Jordi lives on the Lake of Geneva.


  • Michel Jordi was awarded the «Grand Prix Triomphe de l’Excellence Européenne» for the creation of LE CLIP in Monte Carlo in 1986.
  • In June 2018, the EU Business School Barcelona presented him with the «Leadership Award».

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Award 2018

Mr. Adolf Ogi, former president of Switzerland, congratulates Michel Jordi for the Leadership Award



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